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Cement Bonded Particle Board

Bison panel - Cement bonded particle board made out of 62% cement & 28% wood. The wood used is of fast-growing species like Eucalyptus & Poplar. Due to adoption of a special manufacturing process, the panel acquires the strength & durability of cement, & the easy workability of wood - a combination of qualities absent in other boards. Cement is strong & durable, & is not affected by fire, weather, termites, etc. Wood is light & strong, & is easily machinable. As the wood particles in the board are mineralized with chemicals during the manufacturing process, the particles become termite & vermin resistant.


This multipurpose building board - a proven product in countries around the world was introduced in India by NCL with technology imported from Bison Werke of Germany. Bison contains no hazardous material like Asbestos or Formaldehyde. Its process dust is harmless.


Fibre Cement Board

Ramco Hicem Fibre Cement Boards, Tiles and Planks were introduced in 2016. Manufactured using cement, cellulose fibres and special additives, these boards are made as per IS:14862 – 2000 in a laminar process to give a stable crystalline structure. This crystalline structure makes the board durable and dimensionally stable and provides superior sound and thermal insulation properties.

Ramco Hicem clearly outperforms existing building materials on most important parameters, including on impact strength, water-resistance, surface finish, fire and termite resistance.

Ramco has refurbished its first plant at Arakkonam and set up a modern plant manufacturing Ramco Hicem & Ramco Greencor with an annual production capacity of 60,000 metric tons. The versatility of these products makes them the ideal choice in all types of Dry construction projects.

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