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Cement Bonded Particle Board

V-Board is fire, water and termite resistant and has the some functional efficiency or workability as Timber/ Plywood giving you total dependability. Used for external as well as internal applications.

The in-built cement component adds to the overall strength and durability while the pulp content that is present within gives the board workability and also flexibility. A process called ‘auto clave’ helps attain crystalline structure that in turn results in declared dimensional stability of V-Board.
V-Board has good insulation and is a low thermal conductivity board compared to other materials or substitutes. V-Board can be highly effective when it comes to saving energy and to maintain a balanced temperature in closed air-conditioned or air cooled rooms. 

Fibre Cement Board

This product is Fibre Cement Board.

Asbestos Cement Flat Sheet

This product is Asbestos Cement Flat Sheet.

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